The Geniux Scam Uncovered – Read Before You Buy!

geniux scam

Is The Geniux Smart Pill Just a Scam and a Hoax?

It is interesting to note how quickly the medical establishment exclaim “Geniux scam!” or start to shout Geniux hoax, with comments like “Why you shouldn’t take Geniux brain pills” as soon as any new supplement is launched. The focus always seems to be on the negative and we end up trying to then find out if the new supplement or the smart pill in question is really genuine? Does Geniux work or is the Geniux brain pill just a scam? That is the ten million dollar question. You should stop for a minute and ask yourself why it should be a scam or hoax and why as brain pills that will make you smarter, they shouldn’t work! On top of that, you should also consider who benefits from publicizing this as a fraud or Geniux scam. The answer to that one is big “pharma” or the big pharmaceutical companies.

The Truth Behind Does the Geniux Smart Pill Really Work and Big Pharma

The large pharmaceutical companies of the world do not only make a fortune selling conventional medication, they also make a fortune selling supplements. The problem is that they spend so much time researching conventional medication that they do not really spend time doing research into natural supplements like for example smart pills for the brain.

The end result is always the same. They often end up copying other companies research and at the same time they have the tendency to also spread negative publicity. It may seem an odd way of working but it pays off for them. Pharmaceutical companies also often employ writers just to spread negative publicity.

The Geniux Scam, a Hoax or Not As the Case May Be!

The brain pills that will make you smarter, is really not a Geniux scam. But the strategy of major pharmaceutical companies is to publish and release information which may indicate that it is. Their well paid writers will spend many hours writing and publishing articles full of medical language which does not really make much sense to the general public around genius pill scam.

The sought after effect is often achieved, and unfortunately the general public is often then “fooled” into believing a supplement is unsafe to use amid a genius brain pill scandal flurry. The truth is generally different, and you will find that a few months down the line, the pharmaceutical corporation will bring out its own branded version of the genius pill; their new smart pills for the brain.

Of course, it will not be called the same, and the ingredients will sound slightly different. That is science at work, and if you look closer, you will find that perhaps the molecule chain of the active ingredient has been changed slightly, in some small way. This allows the company to both trademark and license the product as their own. That is the real secret of big “pharma”!

What Is a Medical Scam Anyway?

geniux hoaxWhat is a medical scam? Perhaps the biggest medical scam on the market today is statin drugs. Pharmaceutical companies have all developed their own brands, and are flooding the market with these so called life saving drugs. What they are not telling you is that “statin concept” as it is called in the industry, is the biggest scam of all. It can seriously damage your liver, cause diabetes and leads to muscle loss within 60 days. Yet, we are happy to trust the product. Did you know that many natural supplements are more effective than statins? Oh sorry, I forgot to say that statins are actually a copy of a natural product anyway, but of course it is not legal to trademark natural products which means companies cannot license them.

Should you be worried about taking the Geniux brain pills supplement? No, you should not. This is a natural supplement; or smart pills for the brain; which can offer your brain what it needs in the way of extra energy and help you to keep your brain healthy. Let go of the “Geniux scam or hoax” issue, and invest in a supplement which has been developed with you in mind, not the bottom line.

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